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Pregnant New Yorker

"I'm pregnant and suddenly needed the bathroom while shopping at Whole Foods on 125th. I went to customer service, and they said they couldn't open the bathroom (which used to be open to the public), but I could try their managers by the cashiers. I ran to them, and the managers immediately dismissed me, not even turning to look at me. I said through tears that I was pregnant (I'm very visibly pregnant) and that it was an uncontrollable emergency.

They seemed bothered that I was interrupting their conversation, and gestured to a restaurant across the street, who very kindly opened their bathroom for me immediately.

Unfortunately I didn't quite make it and had to call my partner to bring me a change of pants. The lack of care and empathy at Whole Foods, and unfortunately peeing on myself in front of a stranger, was so scary, and now I worry about it every time I go out."

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