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17 year old NYC high school student with disabilities, they/them

"In may 2023, me (a kid with a connective tissue and auto immune disease) and my school took a trip to the met and surrounding areas. as i was coming off the bus, i was already bursting to pee and when we got into the met i found that there was a major line out most bathrooms, and the rest were out of order. so i was given permission from my teacher to go find a bathroom.

i walked down the street till i got to 3 restaurants and a juice bar and at all 3 places, they wouldn’t let me use the bathroom without purchasing food. i didn’t bring money but i offered them my venmo and practically sold my soul which still didn’t grant me access to a bathroom. As i was walking back the opposite direction to find a bathroom, i started peeing. it all just came out. peeing, walking, and crying. so i embarrassingly continued my walk and called my teacher.

when i got back in the museum, she handed me a pair of $60 met sweatpants that i changed into in the elevator so that i could continue with my day. so mortifying"

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