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38 year old mom from Pennsylvania

My husband and I took our children, au pair, mother-in-law and niece to NYC to celebrate the holidays. On the way to the M&M store my 8 yo son started having severe stomach pains after eating lunch (not a new problem but has been worsening). We enter the M&M store and they tell us they have public restrooms up on the 3rd floor. The escalator to the 3rd floor is out of service so we walk up and we get in line for the bathroom.

Apparently the manager declares too many people are using the bathroom and not buying merchandise so they close the bathrooms for the ENTIRE store despite having at least 15 people in line. By this point my son is hysterically crying that he’s either going to vomit or have an accident - definitely some component of IBS but the more upset he gets the more he’s crying he’s going to get sick. Escalators are out and I can’t even get back down 3 stories to find a new bathroom in a new store.

Finally they let us in (after they nearly called the police on my MIL for her begging us to use the restroom) and then proceed to yell at my son to hurry up and threaten to call 911/an ambulance while he’s in the bathroom. It was one of the worst experiences I’ve had had and was heart breaking seeing my anxiety-ridden kid treated this way.  We live an hour from NYC and needless to say we won’t be back anytime soon.

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