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Ashley, 27 she/her

"i go to union square a lot to hang with friends.

Before the Whole Foods bathroom was my go too. I have a feeding tube and am pretty sick.

Often times I throw up just from drinking too much water.

I'm enjoying my day when all of a sudden I feel the nausea and stomach pains come on.

Whole food wouldn't let me use the bathroom.

IHOP said no. Burlington also said no. There are no public restrooms in US park.

I ended up having to Uber home while I sobbed and tried not to throw up in their car for the 30 min ride back to Brooklyn. I know no bathroom sucks but this is also making the city inaccessible for certain populations. I often times couldn't go out cause I was so worried with anxiety if I'll be able to use the bathroom.

This account definitely has made it a bit easier by making a map but without it we'd all be peeing on the streets. "

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