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NYC Construction Worker with Crohn's Disease

Updated: Jun 11, 2022

"I have had multiple accidents, but the worst one was working for a building on an "occupied floor". You needed a scan code to open the doors in the hallway, so we propped them open to be able to use the bathroom- cause once we were in there we were essentially trapped. At some point the company was notified about the door being cracked open and had them shut.

There was a hallway we were working where we could access the elevators. There were 3 bathrooms along the span of that hallway. Once I felt the desperation to go, I tried them all, but they were locked/key pad entry whatever. So as it starts I do the only thing I can think of duck into the staircase and tried to keep much from getting in my pants as possible, but at that point it was about 60% done. I had to go get cleaning supplies and do the best I could, call my manager, and leave the building. He fortunately paid me but it was utterly humiliating.

I threw my jeans out in the Penn station bathroom and the only pants I could find were flying cabs with I <3 NY on them. They were clearly women's. Now I'm a 6'1 200 lb construction worker wearing these way too tight pajama pants. It was totally and utterly humiliating. I will never forget that day."

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