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"Me and my husband were homeless in New York City. We had been on the streets for two weeks at this point, and hadn't showered. We desperately needed a bathroom but there were no public bathrooms anywhere around. After twelve blocks of walking we finally found a bathroom open to the public and we were ecstatic, only to be denied the code to the bathroom what we guessed was for our appearance. We offered to buy a drink or anything in exchange for the bathroom (even with our limited funds) and they still said no. I felt really judged and degraded, there was no reason to deny us except for our obviously unkempt appearance."

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NYC Wants all poor people to die in the most horrific and humiliating ways possible. Amerikkka has never been free or equitable. Many homeless are the kids in foster care we dgaf about after they turn 18 and have no clue what to do. When will Americans start caring about our own organism?

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