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Lindsay Tuchman, Newsy Anchor

"As a news reporter there have been dozens and dozens of times where I have needed a restroom across the five boroughs, particularly during the pandemic when many things were closed. I tweeted constantly at Starbucks begging them to allow customers to use restrooms, to no avail. One particular moment I'll never forget though is a couple years pre-pandemic in Far Rockaway. I was covering a fire at 6am and had obviously drank coffee before, and ended up at the point of tears trying to find a public restroom. My choices soon became ruin my pants, or knock on a stranger's door. I chose the latter and fortunately picked the home of a kind, but surprised woman who graciously let me in. Obviously this was a potentially dangerous scenario that could have been avoided if a public bathroom were available or open nearby. "

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Lindsay, I used to work in journalism so I understand your frustration. Thank you for sharing this. Yes many times for stories we found ourselves in areas with no bathroom access.

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